Machinery Examples

Machinery Examples


Easter Egg Tray Denester
Tray denesters (4 machines) for production lines in large confectionery operation. Operating at 120 trays per minute with 8 different tray designs, reliance was an important factor along with the need for quick change over times. The units were designed to incorporate customer specifications.

Taylor Made Denesters Ltd - Pork Sausage Tray DenesterPork Sausage Tray Denester
This machine was supplied to a major OEM for a turnkey operation in which the Taylor Made tray denester played an important part. The machine incorporated six 1220mm long magazines loaded with trays whose flanges overlapped making denesting a complex procedure.
Taylor Made Denesters Ltd - Muffin Packaging LineMuffin Packaging Line
This automated muffin packaging line incorporated our rotary tray denester with automatic muffin pick & place system. The denester was designed to denest 80 trays per minute. Reliability and synchronisation of tray placement had a high priority. The muffin trays were loaded 2 or 3 across with magazine capacity for 6 or 12 cavity trays. This system was one of two lines supplied to a leading bakery.
Taylor Made Denesters Ltd - Laser PrintingLaser Printing
This line was manufactured to print onto trays for a leading tray manufacturer. Operating at 120 trays a minute using an intermittent servo driven motion conveyor the trays were denested from a magazine, and passed beneath dual laser printers. The trays were then restacked into horizontal magazines.
Taylor Made Denesters Ltd - Organic Label FeedingOrganic Label Feeding
A number of machines supplied to date for a leading bakery for vertical placement of organic labels into baking tins.
Taylor Made Denesters Ltd - Intelligent Product FeedingIntelligent Product Feeding
A number of machines supplied to date for counting & placing demanded quantities of foil ribbons into an indexing conveyor prior to banding. These lines incorporated intelligent communication software to ensure correct pack quantities.


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