intermittent pick & place


intermittent pick & place

The pneumatic Intermittent Pick & Place (IPP) machines are ideal for the accurate placement of thermoformed trays directly into plattens and flighted conveyor infeeds, at speeds in excess of 100/min. The machines are manufactured to suit individual line requirements as stand alone units or can be integrated into existing production line equipment. Timing of placements can be achieved by simply adding a photo electric sensor to the line. Machines are complete with stainless steel stand, stainless steel control panel and integral vacuum system. All our IPP units offer quick change facilities to enable the feeding of different products. Change overs can be carried out by line operatives without the use of tools in under five minutes.

IPP is ideally suited to applications where positioning, orientation and placement of a tray are important such as placing ready meal trays into indexing plattens prior to filling and sealing. Another application for IPP machinery is card feeding, placement and forming of u-cards into flow wrapper infeeds prior to product placement and wrapping.

The IPP range is ideal for multi-cavity, ready meal, meat product trays and chilled food trays in materials such as PP, EPS, OPS, aluminium foil, paper board, paper liners and moulded pulp.

IPP offers a range of denesting motions and tray release systems that can be included in the design.

Options & Features
Below is a list of the available options:

  • Batch Counting
  • Multiple Magazines
  • Washdown Construction
  • Motor Drive
  • Random Cycle Motor Drive
  • Synchronised Drive
  • Floor Stand
  • Screw Height Adjustable Stand
  • Casters
  • Inline Double Stop Indexer
  • Photoelectric Cycle Control
  • Low Level Magazine Detection
  • Missed Detection System
  • Auto Recycle if Missed
  • No Product No Placement
  • Stack Light
  • Cycle Counter
  • Batching Shutters
  • Inclined Magazine Length: 400, 760 - 1220 mm
  • Powered Magazine: 900, 1220, 1830-2440 mm
  • No Tool Adjustments
  • Quick Change Lift Off Magazines
  • Vertical Placement Mode
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