intermittent tray denesting

intermittent tray denesting

intermittent tray denesting

The pneumatic (Intermittent Tray Denesting) ITD range is used primarily for tray denesting onto accumulating conveyors to offer a buffer of trays as an infeed to larger systems. Our ITD units can operate at speeds of upto 60 trays/min per magazine offering continuity of tray supply through the production process, where tray to tray contact is required. ITD is also suited for denesting of deep cavity rigid trays, and other applications that require denesting from the tray base.

ITD is ideally suited to applications where tray presentation prior to transfer into product loading systems is important such those found in the bakery & confectionery industry. Taylor Made Denesters has supplied a number of machines for automated biscuit packaging where ITD was the ideal solution to meet the need for a continuous flow of trays.

The ITD range is ideal for multi-cavity, ready meal, meat product trays and chilled food trays in materials such as PP, EPS, OPS, aluminium foil, paper board and moulded pulp.

ITD uses a PLC controlled pneumatic linear motion for removal of a tray by its base and release onto a gravity conveyor.

Options & Features
Below is a list of the available options:

  • Multiple Magazines
  • Washdown Construction
  • Floor Stand
  • Screw Height Adjustable Stand
  • Casters
  • Photoelectric Cycle Control
  • Low Level Magazine Detection
  • Missed Detection System
  • Stack Light
  • Cycle Counter
  • Inclined Magazine Length: 400, 760 - 1220 mm
  • Powered Magazine: 900, 1220, 1830-2440 mm
  • No Tool Adjustments
  • Quick Change Lift Off Magazines
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