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vertical tray denester

The Vertical Tray Denester (VTD) range was designed to denest trays, punnets & pots with flanges that have consistent stacked spacing. The VTD denests trays without using pneumatic or vacuum systems thus offering a suitable entry level denesting solution. The VTD is a vertical placement machine that offers both continuous and intermittent denesting motion at speeds of upto 60/min per magazine, and offers quick size change facility. The VTD can be free standing or mounted directly onto an existing packaging line and is suitable for washdown environments. The VTD offers a reliable and virtually maintenance free unit to help you maximise production and processing efficiency.

VTD units are ideal for food industry applications such as placing of pots onto conveyor lines prior to filling and other applications were consistent and regular pot feeding is required. Other applications include punnet placement for tomatoes and and other fresh produce products.

VTD is ideally suited to all plastic tray types including PP, EPS, OPS and fibre trays.

The VTD units uses a recently developed proprietary motion control systems, for more information call us.

Options & Features
Below is a list of the available options:

  • Multiple Magazines
  • Washdown Construction
  • Pneumatic Cylinder Drive
  • Random Cycle
  • Synchronised Drive
  • Floor Stand
  • Screw Height Adjustable
  • Stand
  • Casters
  • Photoelectric Cycle
  • Low Level Magazine Detection
  • Missed Detection System
  • No Tool Adjustments
  • Quick Change Lift Off Magazines
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